3 Awesome Google Chrome Secrets Only a Scant Few Know


#1: Restore an Accidentally Closed Tab and Recover Your Work

Have you ever accidentally closed your tab or even your whole browser window and lost something you were working on? With this trick, it almost never has to happen again.

You can reopen tabs and windows you closed, one at a time, by hitting CTRL+SHIFT+T from within Chrome (Mac users: COMMAND+SHIFT+T). If you typed information in to any forms in to the pages in those tabs, in most cases your work would be automatically restored.

If you close out of Chrome altogether, you can reopen Chrome and hit CTRL+SHIFT+T to recover the last window you closed. Need to reopen another window that you’d had open earlier? CTRL+SHIFT+T again and the next window or tab you closed will magically reopen.

This trick does not work in Incognito Mode.


#2: Easily Search the Web With a Picture

Want to know if someone has stolen your picture and is using it as their own? Want to find pictures similar to a picture you’ve found?

You can do the same thing from any browser by using https://images.google.com. But Chrome makes it especially easy. Just find the picture you want to search with, right click it and select “Search Google for Image” from the context menu that appears. Try it with an image on this page.

You should keep this feature in mind if you use the same picture on social media that contains your full name as you use on sites where you’d like a measure of anonymity (like dating sites).


#3: Enhance Your Browsing Privacy with Incognito Mode

Hit CTRL+SHIFT+N to launch Incognito Mode in Google Chrome. Easy.

It’s important for you to understand that Incognito Mode only provides limited privacy protection. It prevents Chrome from recording the sites you visit in your browser history. It prevents cookies from being used. It prevents forms you fill out from being saved. It prevents copies of pages you visit from being saved in your local temporary web cache. It does not hide your identity from the websites you visit. It pretty much just keeps other people who use the same computer as you (or who have access to your PC) from finding out what you’ve been up to on the Web.

Another nifty use… you know how a lot of websites allow you to read five or ten free articles a month and then require you to buy a subscription? Incognito mode bypasses that. Just saying. Depending on where you live, it may be illegal to use the feature for this purpose.

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