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Shaun Whelden

I’m an IT technician living in Northern Virginia. From an early age I’ve been enamored with technology. I recall checking a book on programming out from my elementary school library and trying to type BASIC commands in to DOS. If anyone knows what I’m doing wrong, please email me. It’s been a very frustrating few decades! At age ten, I got my hands on a copy of  DOS For Dummies and went to work on the old IBM PC with a 286 processor my dad brought home. I began working on a piecemeal basis for my current employer (technically my current employer’s predecessor) when I was in high school.

My major in college was Politics (basically “political science” except they just called the major “politics”) but I worked part time in IT through my college years at the same company I occasionally worked for as a teenager. After graduating, I went to work full time as an IT technician. I’m currently a Project Lead at the very same company.

When I’m not fixing your PC, I enjoy reading fiction and occasionally attempting to write it.




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