My New Website is Live

Image From Openclipart.orgI’m excited to announce the launch of this blog, The Whelden Write-up. The Whelden Write-up will be an information technology blog geared towards home and small business users. It will contain How-To articles and information about the latest (and perhaps some not-so-new) software, hardware and IT services.

My first How-To will be a step-by-step guide, geared towards novice users, on what to do when they’ve accidentally deleted a file or when their hard drive fails. It will help them decide whether to pay a professional to recover their data or to attempt to recover their data themselves. If they opt to attempt recovery of their own data, it will walk them carefully through each phase of the process. This article is well under way and I hope to have it posted within the next few weeks.

Thanks for visiting and I hope you’ll check back here regularly as I get this website up and running.

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